Private College 529 Plan


The Private College 529 Plan is sponsored by the Tuition Plan Consortium, a group of nearly 300 participating private colleges who are committed to making a private college education affordable.  The University of Notre Dame has been a proud participant in this plan since the plan's inception. 

The Private College 529 Plan is a pre-paid tuition program structured as a pre-purchase of tuition - not an investment. This structure:

  • Eliminates a family's concerns about market volatility and/or an investment keeping pace with tuition increases
  • Allows families to lock in today's prices that can be used at any of the Plan's participating schools - the amount purchased is based upon the tuition at each school at the time of purchase
  • Transfers investment risk to the participating schools - the percentage of tuition purchased is guaranteed, no matter how much tuition rises or what happens in the investment markets

The beneficiary does not select a college or university until the time of enrollment, and participation in the Private College 529 Plan does not influence or guarantee admission to any college or university.


For more information on the Private College 529 Plan, please visit: Private College 529 Plan website.

For answers to frequently asked questions on the Private College 529 Plan, please visit the Private College 529 Plan FAQs page.